Quick Weight Loss Diets – Fat Burning Furnace Review

There are countless fitness gurus eagerly waiting to share with you their hot new plan on how they went from zero to hero. Many of these plan creators are self-made, meaning, they don’t have any formal instruction on how to burn calories and lose fat. Rob Poulos fits into this category. He’s one of those people who, on his own initiative, went from a complete novice, to learning everything he could about fitness and nutrition.

There’s nothing wrong with this – there are plenty of self-made people in many fields. Rob found something that works for him, got excited about it, and decided to write a book and share his knowledge. Okay, so why do many people suspect he’s perpetuating some kind of Fat Burning Furnace scam?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that there are many terrible diet and weight loss products online that claim to help you lose tons of weight, but in reality, only take your money and leave you disappointed. There are too many of these scam type people around who know you’re anxious to lose weight quickly. They’ll say anything to get you to part you with your money.

People who think that Rob Poulos is one of these dubious types are mistaken. He’s just a guy who learned a method for taking off extra pounds and created a system that he believes in. The problem seems to be that many people see the title: Fat Burning Furnace, and think that it means that the pounds will melt off magically – and Rob has the secret to making that happen.

In reality, the title is a reference to how the body can literally act as a furnace, a natural chemical reaction that burns up extra fat, when you learn how to eat certain foods and do certain exercises. There’s real science behind how this works and that’s what Rob is trying to convey. Not that he’s got a miracle diet that will melt off the pounds easily in two weeks.

Many pill pushers and other scammy diet products will make these claims. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of these in your day as well. This naturally causes some people to be skeptical when someone says they can show you how to make your body regularly burn fat. However, the Fat Burning Furnace book isn’t making any claims that this is something easy to do. That alone, disqualifies it as a scam.

However, after having reviewed this book myself, I do feel that there’s kind of a disconnect between the average diet plan seeker, and what’s actually contained in the book. A lot of people are excited about this book, and again, I think it’s because people assume that fat burning equals fast weight loss. That’s true in theory, but what they don’t realize is there’s definitely a trade-off that has to be made in order to get these quick results.

If you’re a casual dieter (and a little bit lazy), you’ll need to make a serious commitment to changing your lifestyle in order to follow a plan like this. That means, throwing out all of your junk food – yes, even that secret stash you have hidden in the upper kitchen cabinet.

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